Episode Description: With Felicity in and out of surgery for her gunshot wounds, Oliver and the team continue searching for Darhk. Oliver turns to Captain Lance for information on Darhk’s location, while Diggle interrogates his brother Andy. They track down Darkh’s location, but only find several dead Ghost soldiers and an anarchy symbol painted in blood. The team realize that Lonnie Machin is back and is out for revenge against Darhk. Machin is caught and Oliver interrogates him for information on Darkh. Eventually, Oliver sets Machin free to go after Darhk, tracking him in the process. Machin goes after Darhk’s family; the team arrive and save them, but Machin escapes. As repayment for saving his family, Darhk grants Oliver time to spend with his own family before Darhk kills him. Meanwhile, Felicity is left paralyzed from being shot. In flashbacks, Conklin presents Oliver as a traitor and the maps he found as proof to Reiter. While Conklin tortures Oliver, Reiter notices the spell on Oliver’s stomach and forces Conklin to stop. In exchange for another prisoner’s life, Oliver agrees to help Reiter.

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Episode Hosts: Hunter Camp & Justin Vactor
Episode Producer: Justin Vactor