Episode Description: In the year 2166, Vandal Savage has successfully conquered the entire planet. In an effort to save humanity, time-traveler Rip Hunter travels back to the year 2016 to organize a group of superheroes and supervillains to team-up and stop Savage: Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Jefferson Jackson and Dr. Martin Stein, Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Carter Hall, and Kendra Saunders. With everyone assembled, Rip takes the team to 1975 to talk to Professor Boardman, a leading expert on Vandal Savage, to get assistance in locating Savage. While providing information on Vandal, Boardman also reveals that he is the son of Kendra and Carter from one of their past lives. Meanwhile, a time-traveling bounty hunter named Chronos attacks Rip’s ship; the team is able to regroup and escape, but not before Professor Boardman is wounded and dies. The attack forces Rip to reveal that Chronos is after him for stealing the time-machine, against the wishes of the Time Council, and that part of his quest is based on his desire for revenge on Vandal, for murdering his wife and child in his time. Still in 1975, the team infiltrate a warhead auction for terrorists, including Damien Darhk, under the belief that Savage will be there. Savage becomes aware of their presence and orders them killed. A fight breaks out between the team and the terrorists. They all escape, but not before a piece of Ray’s suit is left behind. Angry at the recklessness, Rip points out what happens and how the technology of Ray’s suit will create super weapons that leads to the destruction of Central City in 2016. The team splits up, with Professor Stein, Jax, and Sara retrieving the missing piece of Ray’s suit, while Ray, Leonard, and Mick go in search of the dagger that killed Kendra and Carter in their first life. The dagger turns out to be in the home of Savage, who imprisons the men and forces them to call the rest of the team. Kendra and Carter go after Savage, while the rest take on Savage’s men. During the fight, Savage kills Carter with the dagger, revealing that only Kendra can wield it to kill him. Kendra is injured and the team is forced to retreat and plan a new strategy.


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