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Synopsis: In flashbacks, the Thinker observes Becky Sharpe, a woman with seemingly unending bad luck, and determines that she will be easily manipulated. In the present, Becky robs a bank, and gets away when Barry slips on marbles. Harry arrives from Earth-2, and tells Wally that Jessie has decided to break up in order to focus on her vigilantism. Cisco deduces that Becky is a metahuman, with the power of favorable luck while inducing misfortune to others. Barry realizes that the portal he used to escape the Speed Force exposed an entire busload of people, including Becky and Deacon, to transformative dark matter. Wells informs Cisco Jesse has expelled him from her crime-fighting team due to his attitude. Becky’s powers expand out of control, reactivating the particle accelerator, which Harry deliberately allows, rendering Becky powerless and leading to her incarceration. Cisco and Harry identify twelve new metahumans created on the bus. Wally decides to leave on a journey to find himself. The Thinker is revealed to be spying on Star Labs through “The Samuroid” helmet. Joe learns Cecile is pregnant.

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