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Accelerating Your Fandom With The #1 Rated Flash Podcast

A flash podcast dedicated to The CW hit series, The Flash. Every week hosts Beau and Beall get hyped for The Flash with segments that include: The Rundown, News Flash, Flash Facts, and Flash Points From Around The Multiverse!

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4X11 The Elongated Knight Rises

4X10 The Trial of The Flash

Grandma Esther’s Eggnog Induced Christmas Call-In Extravaganza Part 4

Shenanigans 17: DJ Starro

Shenanigans 16: Battlefront II Rant

Shenanigans 15: Ralph Rick and Trek

Shenanigans 014: Drinking, Politics, and Pizza

Shenanigans 013: House Keeping! House Keeping?

Shenanigans 012: Can We Talk About That Star Wars Trailer?

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